Hello world

Hello world. Phew. It was so much work creating my first blog that I had to take off my shirt.

Okay, I think I have the database set up. Those pesky permissions took some work to understand but the nice people at tech support walked me through. As you may guess, I’m not particularly technical but it’s the 21st century and so I need a blog.

I’ll be blunt. There’s no end of misunderstanding and miscommunication and so I think it’s wise to have a place where I can reach out to the world and explain things — at least from my perspective. And being the leader of the world’s largest country, you may take it as read that my opinion matters.

Okay, if I can figure out how to post pictures, I may have some images to show you. Bold. Okay, Italics. Okay. I hope the bulleted lists are easier to use than in Word. I hate the way the formatting changes when backspacing.

Test image.



2 thoughts on “Hello world

  1. Dear Vlad,

    There’s this thing. It’s called Twitter. I used it to great advantage during that brief golden age when you let me be President.

    I know this is of little importance to you, but Twitter helped Barack win an election. It may help you win the attention of that Golden Valkyrie of whom you spoke in the previous post. God knows letting your dog loose on her failed miserably.

    Signed Sincerely,


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