What does a $1.1 Million USD football field look like?


A square of dirt used as a mustering point for attacks on coalition forces, or as a convenient place to drag off political enemies to get shot at the nearby dam* is what a $1.1 million football field built in Iraq looks like. The US tax dollar at work!

So, what was installed? Well, there’s no drainage, no toilets, no showers or changing rooms, no lights. What they do have is a square area of dirt that presumably some dozers went over once. Maybe.

I guess maybe an American firm tried to sell them an extended warranty and service contract, eh? On the positive side, playing football (soccer to my American friends), on dirt can be a bit better in training. Why? The ball is a bit more unpredictable on dirt than on grass. Still, grass is easier for falls and tumbles.

That aside, one doesn’t need much there than a case of lager and a ball to have a kick about. But, you do need to have drainage for the field otherwise it’s unusable with even a small amount of rain. Public washrooms are also a must otherwise you can’t have that many people in the location. The ‘facility’ also has no showers.

Lights are also a must. The sunset in Iraq is 18h/19h and without that, the thing is useless.

We told you guys to stay out of Iraq. Then again, you told us to stay out of Georgia and Chechnya but — hehehe — guess who won those, tovarishch?

*So I hear.



One thought on “What does a $1.1 Million USD football field look like?

  1. Wow that says a lot doesn’t it. Much more can be done and is being done. I have never seen so many 30k seater stadiums be built than in Iraq. All across the city I am seeing new stadiums pop up. Regards.


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