On the death of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov

It is a sad day in Russia. Boris Nemtsov was shot to death shortly after midnight on Saturday, Moscow time.

He was shot four times from behind. An investigators at the scene of the sad, sad incident reached an early conclusion that he shot himself in the back accidentally while cleaning a sidearm as he demonstrated a very difficult yoga position. It turns out there were witnesses and this conclusion has been retracted and the investigation has been reopened.

I want to make it perfectly clear that I was, at the time, reading fairy tales to orphans in a hospital at the other end of town at the time.

I’m taking personal charge of this investigation and promise his family, his friends, his supporters and the Russian people, I shall not rest until this investigation reaches the correct conclusion.


Anybody else have this problem?

Dammit so much. My HSBC cash card isn’t working. I wonder why?

These guys founded the original Silk Road which when the British Empire was running opium from the far East. I figured I was so much safer with them after I had to close my Deutsche Bank account a little while ago.

Darn it so much. I need to get some milk and bread for tomorrow and it’s freezing. I guess I’ll walk to the corner store up the street and pay the rip off fee at the machine. I hope it dispenses €500 notes.

Conference call today

Today I had a conference call between German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the illegitimate Ukranian President Petro Poroshenko, and French President François Hollande. The call was arranged to take place after the three met earlier for (what they think) were private face to face talks to discuss the situation in Eastern Ukraine that I have noting to do with.

I am very pleased to report that the talks reached a definitive milestone. I am happy to report definite progress on a key matter: Angela used my first name. Ohhh, I am on a cloud, I tell you.

On a cloud!

Putin and Angela

ISIL, steady on

If you’re going to pick a fight ISIL, be my guest and pick a fight with the West but why pick on Japan? Don’t get me wrong, Russia has its own territorial disputes with Japan but this go back to pre World War One days and hardly a burning concern. However, beheading the nationals of people who aren’t bombing you isn’t exactly good PR. And given that the ‘technicals‘ you have — modified trucks with heavy machine guns or larger anti-aircraft guns — are all Toyotas, you’ve just killed your supply chain.

I guarantee you the Germans won’t be selling you any Mercedes vans. And trust me, you don’t want to buy a Dodge. So, who’s going sell you trucks? Me? I’d not wish Russian vehicles on our worst enemies.

Besides, you idiots, this will mean a general purpose economic blockade on my south which is the last fucking thing I needed. Now I’ll have to get my rather badly-needed consumer goods though further east.

A final thought: The Japanese do outsource a lot of their ops to the Yakuza for both political deniability and because even the mob over there has bought into Six Sigma/Lean. Aum Shinriko learned this the hard way. The Japanese don’t have a lot of force projection to the middle east but I’d be worried about your couriers and bagmen you have as part of your money laundering operations in Pakistan suddenly getting garrotted.

The Japanese don’t have a lot of business interests in the Middle East, but there are interests there still, and much of it has to do with oil, and that is enough money for there to have folks who speak the languages. Business interests move money, and those business interests have ties to the Diet, and those gents have ties to organized crime, even if it’s just to ensure their shareholders toe the line, or to keep from having their shareholders fleeced by more sophisticated gangs specializing in government contracts and the movement of cash.

Really. Did you have to pick a fight with the one other culture that had suicide attacks?