Time to boogie!

Truthfully, I’m still freaked out by that Teutonic tranny that won Eurovision. Hell, I’m better than that!


Practical Joke

I was in the gym working out with my friends in a way that was totally not homoerotic, when I really began a super intense work out. I was lifting sharks bare chested and these amazing tunes came over my headphones.  After I checked the playlist and found that someone put Pussy Riot on my iPod.

I can take a joke as well as the next fellow but I need to maintain appearances. Medvedev? Was it you? Knock it off, dumbass.


Doesn’t this make you want to boogie!

Remember to vote for the Tolmachevy Sisters during this year’s Eurovision contest! Now, far be it from me to try to influence a vote, but I really think that any votes for a country that may not soon exist would be a waste. So, that talentless entry from Ukraine is not worth your ballot.

Trust me.

— EDIT —

Oh, and Serbia and Moldova are also not good long term bets.

— EDIT 2 —

An Austrian drag queen? Are you kidding me?